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3 Unusual Places For Home Office

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If you are tired of looking for a place everytime you want to work in peace thereare a few places in your home where you might not have expected to find it and therefore never looked. But maybe it’s time for some alternatives to traditional home office spaces.

Usually people set up their home office in a living room, bedroom, or kitchen wherever they can find a free spot for it. But if those room are full enough or you simply want a more private place or maybe you don’t want to use up precious space for an office there are a few unusual places at home to look into.


Balcony home office

If you don’t know what to do with your small balcony, or you simply don’t use it much it might be a good idea to utilize as an office space. Of course, you’ll need to live in a mild climate and sometimes retreat inside because of weather conditions but for a good part of the year you’ll be able to enjoy fresh air, natural lighting, and privacy. Of course, if you live in a busy city working outdoors may prove too noisy but then again some people are able to work in cafes ignoring all the distraction, noise, and chatter.

You are going to need a suitable desk that will not deteriorate quickly under weather conditions. And if you have to little space to go around it might be prudent to invest in one that can be fixed to railing. You will also need sun awning to provide you additional sun protection and of course make it a ritual to wear sunscreen before work.


Hallway home office

Hallway might seem like an unlikely place for a home office and in many cases it is. Small, crammed, and dark, an entry hallway can definitely use more space not less. But depending on your home layout there can be convenient trasitional spaces between rooms that could be used as working space.

On the contrary some homes feature generous hallways where you can find a nook to fit your small desk and chair. Use the interior architecture to your advantage and fit what you can into the space you have.

Under the Bed

Desk bed

Finally, if you don’t want to use up any more space in your bedroom or simply don’t have any you can turn to bed designs that feature built in desks, which could be used with a single flip.

The one above was designed by Mira Schröder and features additional shelves for storage. What do you think?


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