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12 Bedroom Designs That Feature A Privacy Wall

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Small spaces usually lack privacy as they house a lot of zones in a tight space. That’s when a privacy wall comes in handy and provides your sleeping space with a much needed comfort.

Bedroom privacy wall

Also it’s a great way to divide your bedroom into more zones and utilize all that free space. One of the most popular things to house behind a bedroom wall is a wardrobe and a dressing room. If you’ve always dreamt about your own dressing room you can free up a little space behind your bed for a wardrobe and a mirror and enjoy some people privacy while picking out outfits for the day.

Hotels often feature a shower behind a bed wall, which is quite unusual and may not be as practical but if it’s not your only shower it may just be what you need to free up the bathroom traffic in the mornings. A privacy wall is easier to build during a major remodeling and house planning but if you want to introduce it into an existing interior design you might want to go for a three thirds wall or a even a half wall with storage (if you have little space to spare) instead.

It can also be a curtain or a glass wall or a wooden partition and not a real plastered thing. Just a divider that will give you more privacy if you don’t have any other plans and goals.

Bedroom Privacy Wall Ideas

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