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Top 3 Most Dangerous Kitchen Spots

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As you know, kitchen is an essential part of any household, as it is the heart of the home. This place is very sacred, as it opens access to everything that you eat and drink. So, you must understand how important it is to keep the kitchen clean. However, there are certain dangerous spots, which are often ignored and they can become a germ transporting station to your organism. It is important to know about such spots, and to take the appropriate measures in preventing the germ transportation.

dirty kitchen spots

3 Dirty Secret Places of your Kitchen

Cross contamination is a major problem in the kitchen, as stated by several specialists, so we are happy to raise the awareness about this problem. So, today we are going to explore three top most dangerous spots in the kitchen, which could be causing illness and spreading the microbes, just because we don’t consider cleaning them or using them with caution!

Refrigerator & Drawers Door Handles

You would be surprised to know that the refrigerator door handles are an excellent spot for germ infestation and transportation. Just think how many times a day you touch it, and sometimes your hands are not really clean! The microbes that are found in beef are most likely to be found on the refrigerator door handle, as mentioned by some specialists! The same applies to drawer door handles, and anything you touch while cooking meat. One of the best ways to prevent this – is hand washing.

dirty kitchen spots

The Tap & Water

Well, yes the tap is also a very popular kitchen germ transportation unit. Remember that when you wash your dirty hands, you touch the tap to let the water run, then you clean your hands with soap, and again touch the dirty tap to stop water. And your hands are dirty again! Best way to deal with it is to use a kitchen paper towel to close the tap. Another thing is water – you cannot be sure that it is completely clean, so maybe it is better to use a filtration system.

Dish Sponges & Sinks

Ah, the horror of dish sponges! No need to explain that all of the particles that you clean off the dish, end up in the pores of the sponge, breeding colonies of germs. Don’t ever wipe your sink and then the countertop with the same sponge. The sink is the dirtiest place in your kitchen, because it probably has contact with very dangerous bacteria, such as E.coli and Salmonella, so the least you would want is to spread them further. To deal with this problem you just need to buy new sponges regularly or clean them more effectively. By the way, microwaving your sponge also cleans it.

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