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Tips on Removing Rust

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Rust is a major drawback that occurs on the otherwise shiny metal surfaces and most of the time ruins the general look. Today we are going to review methods of removing the rust with these easy to follow tips.

rust cleaning

Rust Removal Methods

Rust, as you know is a substance, which forms on metal surface due to corrosion and water exposure, which can actually damage metal, however – it can be removed, not without a pricy professional help. But, actually, the simple household items can also be of help in this problem.


Vinegar is among the most popular substances to remove rust, and it is actually quite simple in use. Just rub some vinegar unto the affected area, or soak the item into the vinegar for some time. It is best not to dilute the vinegar as its stain removing properties would be lessened.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is perfect when you got rust stains on your clothes. Just add some lemon juice and salt to the fabric piece and let it dry out in the sun.

Kerosene & Steel Wool

Although quite stinky, kerosene is good at removing rust stains. If you use the steel wool and kerosene you could remove the stain in no time, however be aware that this substance is flammable and dangerous, so take measures to ensure your safety. Steel wool pads are great in removing the rust without bringing any damage to the surface. It can also be combined with vinegar to remove rust.

Tea Bags

Yes, that’s right, don’t throw away the tea bags once you are done with tea! The strong tea potion, made with a bunch of tea bags can dissolve the stain in eight to ten hours. But, of course you need to soak the metal affected by the stain into the potion.


Now, this might come as a surprise, but cola has some properties that would help in removing the rust. Use the abrasive sponge, that was soaked into cola and scrub the affected area. See for yourself, how it works!


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