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Tips on Removing Old Paint

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Painting a furnishing item or even a whole wall in your household is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change its look. However, it is essential to know, that before you can apply a new coat of paint, you have to remove the old paint. If there are too many layers, the newest paint just won’t stay there for long.

old paint removing

Getting Rid of Old Paint Layers

First of all, before jumping into action you need to make sure that you are properly dressed. Also cover your eyes to protect them from paint particles and chemical exposure. Wear rubber gloves as well, as they will protect you from the contact with chemicals.

It is essential to use sandpaper on the spaces, which have already started to peel off. Once you are done with these spots, it is time to start with the stubborn ones. You will need to apply chemical solvent onto these spots and then also place sheets of wax paper over the paint remover. This will ensure safety from brushing on the chemical spot. For the remover to work, you need to give it some time. Usually this time depends on the instructions on the back of the paint remover, and it might take up to 30 minutes.

old paint removal

It is also important to ventilate the room, where you are removing old paint layers, as the dangerous fumes are hazardous. Now, if there are certain hard spots, use steel wool to scrape them off. To apply a new layer of paint, you need to wait so the area would be completely dry. Good luck with the removing old paint project!


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