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Tips on Choosing Perfect Lightbulbs

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Clueless on what is the best light bulb to chose? Well, you would be suprised to find out that there are many different types of light bulbs. If you want to choose the perfect for you, you should know the basic difference, and that happens to be our topic today!

Types of Light bulbs

Electricity has become a major part of our lives, and if we want to function normally, we need artificial lights as well. Just imagine what was the life before? No time to do stuff for yourself, as you have to stop your activity by nightfall. So, here are some basic differences between different light bulb types.
1. Incandescent Bulbs
These are the most popular types. The light is produced when the thin filament wire until it reaches a temperature that causes it to glow. The lifespan of this kind of the light bulb is really short, about eight month if you are lucky, or even less. Thus, despite the low price, it won’t serve you long. Actually, the Incandescent light bulbs, particularly, 100-watt bulbs, are reported not to be imported, manufactured or sold.
2. Fluorescent lights
Mostly used in a commercial setting, because the light produced is quite harsh. The procedure, which fluorescent bulbs is quite simple – it uses electricity to excite Mercury vapor in order to produce UV waves that cause a phosphor to fluoresce and produce light. The newer versions of this light bulb produce warmer light, however there are certain drawbacks in general to these lights. There are environmental and health risks, as well as the light bulbs need to be supported by the ballast.
3. Compact Fluorescent lights
A blend between the two mentioned above, this light bulb is small, yet in shape would be almost the same. It is more economically profitable. the major drawback, however, is that these light bulbs contain mercury.
4. Halogen Bulbs& Hybrid Halogen CFL
The modified version of the incandescent light is the halogen bulb. There is a great risk of fire, however there exists a modified version, the Hybrid Halogen CFL. It is a hybrid between incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent light bulbs. The lifespan is eight times longer than a regular incandescent bulb, while the cost is appropriate.
5. LED
You have probably heard about the light-emitting diode technology, but it has not been affordable for a regular consumer. Now, the prices go down, while the technology only improves. The lifespan of this light bulb is about 17 years, which is quite impressive. There are also a user frinedly versions of the LED technology.

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