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Taming Big Mess of Little Children

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With children in the household come a lot of responsibilities, including the homekeeping ones. Today we are going to discover how to tame the big messes, which are created by little children, when their toys start to take over the whole house.

homekeeping with kids

Homekeeping with Small Children

Homekeeping with small children can seem quite a disaster, especially when the toy situation gets out of hand and they seem to be everywhere. It is not just about keeping things in order, it is also about creating rules, which kids understand and learn to follow.

The first thing to do is to gather children and allow them to de-clutter their spaces, using your help. Every little thing should have its own home: books go to bookcases; toys go to toy cabinets, clothes go to a wardrobe. One of the most essential ideas, as advised by the professional organizer, Deanna Gusman is to go through the toys and determine what to keep and what you need to give away. This will help you get a sense of things that your child and you possess, and get straight about storing that.

homekeeping with children

Set up some rules, which would help kids to learn how to keep order in their rooms. If, for example, they forget their toy in the kitchen, they won’t get it straight way, because the toy gets a one week detention by being put away into another cabinet and locked up there. This way kids would learn to keep the needed things in their places. It is important that the homekeeping strategy is simple and child-friendly.

Opt for vertical filing, as opposed to horizontal one. Vertical filing is when the toys and other items are visible and reachable, and stored in a vertical way. Having a wall cubbyhole closet is a really neat idea, because later on you can repurpose it into something else. So you see, it is important to have rules, that the kids can understand and follow and it is better to work out these rules along with them.


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