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Storage Ideas For Bathroom

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Bathroom storage is a headache no more. With all the creative storage solutions almost any bathroom can be organized with style and effieciency. Recycling and repurposing old just can be a key to efficient storage and environment-conscious design.


Towel holders come in different styles and designs. There are cabinets and baskets, wall niches and hooks. But you can also use a wine rack to store towels, a ladder is another option. Look into other accessories that can be repurposed this way to store the towels if you cannot find the lot you need.


Beauty and household products are better kept hidden away in cabinets to prevent clutter. However, if you want to keep them on display choose uniform decorative jars to store them to make storage look attractive.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls can be stored in side cabinets, shelves and vanity. Other accessories can also help create interesting storage units for toilet paper rolls, magazines, cleaning products and more.

Storage Units

Recycle old furniture to create efficient bathroom storage unit. Old chair, safe, locker or a coat and umbrella stands can make for interesting and eye catcy bathroom decor. These units can be used to store towels, products,  and other bathroom accessories.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

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