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Staying Warm on Budget

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Are you struggling with all the devastating cold and try to cut down the utility bills? Well, there are several options that can help you stay warm without spending a fortune on that!

Tips on Staying Warm

So, winter has been harsh with you and you feel like you need to empty your wallet to stay warm and cozy? Well, how about that we tell that you can stay warm even on budget? Don’t believe us? Well, try for yourself with these easy tips on staying warm!

One of the most popular option of heating the house is the thermostat, however, according to U.S. Department of Energy, more than 50 percent of a typical household’s energy budget goes toward heating and cooling the home, and most Americans are satisfied with the warmth quality. So, while your money are sailing away, you are still shivering there is something you can do about it!

1. Check the windows and doors

It is often the case, that no matter how much heat you have in the house, it can all be destroyed by the draft. So make sure, all of the windows that are not in use are sealed. One of the popular advices people hear in big households is to close the doors that are not in use, and cut their heating. However, that might cause even more problems, as these rooms might cause mold to appear. One other thing is to turn the thermostat down during the day by 10 degrees, and then turn it back up by night. This is not efficient, because it takes a lot more energy to bring the comfort warmth back. Instead, turn down the energy by 3-4 degrees, this way both you and the thermostat would feel comfortable.

2. Build a fireplace

Alternative option of heating the house, is building a fireplace, or a fire stove. The free standing stove is a great alternative, if you can’t afford a fireplace. However, take precautions as fire is far more dangerous than a thermostat. Among other option, if the space is not so big is to use a space heaters. This will definitely cut down your bills.

3. General recommendations

Don’t just freeze inside your own house – do something. Collect all of the blankets in the house and use them for heating. Heat up some chicken soup, or make a hot chocolate. wrap up in a blanket and sit by the heat source – you will definitely feel better. Use all the socks, sweaters and jackets, or the frost will get you!

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