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Replacing Doorknob Tips

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Although doorknobs look eternal they do need replacing as well. However, following the tendency for simplicity, modern doorknobs don’t have any screws on them to start with. But don’t worry, replacing this kind of a doorknob is easier than it might seem.

Replace Doorknobs

New Shiny Doorknob

Doorknob Replacing Guide

The doorknobs that appear to be without screws in fact have them hidden beneath the cover plate. The cover plate stays there with help of a retainer, which is usually easy to locate: it is either on the left or right side of the plate. Press the retainer to pull off the cover plate.

By now you have already found the screws, you just have to unscrew the latch that is inside the door. You have to insert the new latch inside the door as well. The curved side of the latch bolt should be facing the direction in which the door closes and then check if the door closes properly.

Now press the bolt and at the same time slide the stemmed knob through the hole in the center of the latch. It is important to line a non-stemmed knob with a stemmed one to make sure that you align the doorknob right in place. Rotate the knob base until it is right in place, then rotate clockwise until aligned with screws. The new strike plate also should be installed on the jamb by use of screws. To make sure that everything is secure and holds to its place tight use a screwdriver. See, as easy as it gets you will get new shiny doorknobs on your doors.


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