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Removing Pet Hair From Upholstery

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If you happen to have a little animal friend, and unless it is hairless like a Sphinx cat, you probably struggle with removing the pet hair from upholstery and all around the house. Here are some tips that will help you to get rid of that!

Getting Rid of Pet Hair

While having a fury companion is always great, dealing with pet hairs is always a nuisance. Unfortunately, pet hair sticks to upholstery, clothes and carpet and is quite hard to remove. One of the simplest ways to remove the pet hair is to use water and a rubber glove. You will simply have to water the glove and remove the excess by shaking, then brush with your the glove the furniture piece. It is important that the glove is just barely damp, because otherwise you will ruin the furniture piece. Using gentle strokes, go around the upholstery and remove the pet hair. Then, rinse the hair off the glove and repeat the procedure.
Some advice using Febreze, and the same familiar rubber glove with circular motion. Spray some Febreze near the upholstery and then with simple gestures gather the hair. To make even more effective, try attaching a piece duct tape to the glove and try removing hair with that device. Once the duct tape is full of hair, attach a new piece, nothing simpler than that! Finally to completely get rid of pet hair, run a balloon over the upholstery and let the static electricity do its thing!
If that is dog hair we are concerned with, first vacuum the space – vacuum can help you in organizing the pet hair in the container and then start working with that part, which cannot be removed. Then using the same plastic gloves or balloon with some help from static electricity, try to eliminate the hair bringing them up in the air. Then same procedure of the damp glove can be applied with the dog hair. If that doesn’t work, use a pet-hair roller for hard-to-get-out dog hairs. Having this much information will sure help to start the cleaning process! So, experiment with these basic tips and probably your pet would be even more appreciated!

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