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Removing Mold from Bathroom Tiles

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Tired of the bathroom mold on grout and stains? There are simple and effective ways to remove the mold stains from the bathroom tiles and grout! Follow these easy tips on removing the mold, and your bathroom would be shiny and sparkly in no time!

Making Good Potting Soil

One of the most popular problems with bathroom cleaning, is the mold on the grout that accommodates and grows for years. Some the variations of the mold can be quite dangerous for the family. The mold is the type of fungus, and some of it are considered highly poisonous to human beings or animals. So now you understand that it is not only an unpleasant site, it is also a health risks. Initially, the mold grows in damp and warm places, and we can see why saunas, bathrooms are their best ways to hide. The mold appears first on the tiles, and then spreads to the grout, infecting other tiles.
As you know, there are a lot of commercial detergents that can help you to get rid of that, however that means introducing more chemicals that are potentially harmful for your health. There are several ways to remove the mold grout by natural ways, and for this you will need /4 cup 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, Spray bottle, Soft scrub brush, Sponge and a Towel. Now, pour some peroxide into the spray bottle and add some 1/2 water to the bottle. Shake it well to get the mixture. Next step is to spray the content of the bottle into the affected places and wait for it to get completely dry. This, by the way might take a while – as the solution is not easily drying. Wait for thirty minutes, then when it is dry, reapply the solution to the grout.
Now it is time to use a gentle scrub brush and use it with care. If there are stains, remove the stains with a sponge. Rinse the sponge and then clean the tiles completely with plain water. It is the mold spores that you are getting rid off, not the peroxide. The last step is to dry the flour with a towel. So, you see with these easy tips you can get rid of the mold as never before!

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