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Protecting Your Pipes from Freezing

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During cold and freezing winter nights, something in your house can freeze up and cause much trouble to your house. But you can prevent this by protecting your pipes!

Helping your House to stay warm and safe

Protecting pipes from winter freeze is an essential part of preparing your house for winter. Certainly one thing to start is to turn off the water supply lines, that are running to your outside taps before the freezing starts. Another thing is to check the pipes that run close to the wall and put some fiberglass insulation or rockwool between the pipe and the wall so it wouldn’t reach the pipes.
One of the ideas is to protect the pipes is to use electrical heating tape. Among other options is to use foam tubing, which is hollow in the middle and contains a slit on one side. It can be in different thicknesses for various diameters of pipes.You will need to measure the pipes and then cut the foam tubing to the required length. Next step is to insert the water pipe into the slit on the side of the tubing and remove the plastic strips which protect the adhesive underneath on each side of the slit. Last steps include wrapping insulation tape around the joints where the end of one section of foam tubing meets the next. Your pipes are all protected!

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