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Organizing Tips for Winter Season

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Have you already started preparing your house for the New Year, not taking into consideration the decorating part? Winter is a wonderful season when the old stuff can be discarded and new beginings await! Here are some simple ideas to make your house ready with this easy organizing tips!

Cleaning Out The House!

Cleaning out the house is an essential start of any holiday preparation, but the winter cleaning is special, as you prepare for the new year and new seasons! Start with making a thorough inspection of the house and note stuff that needs to be given more attention. If your sewing set is lost and you have the items all in different parts of the house, this is at least not practical. Try using a binder for organizing a sewing kit. Real easy, but so effective! Go through your stuff and note the old clothes that you don’t wear any more, these need to go the charity boxes.
When it is time to go over medicine and cosmetics kits, throw away those that are long time expired, you won’t need them anyway! To make everything in place try storing it in your medicine cabinet. If that space is not enough, try making extra by affixing a sheet of precut galvanized steel to the interior of your medicine cabinet with construction adhesive. Make magnetic hooks which can hold scissors, a mirror, and small plastic cups with magnetic bottoms corral small necessities, such as rubber bands and hair clips.
When you are done with the bathroom vanity, go over your hall closet – surely this needs a thorough inspection! Organize the items that you keep there by relevance, and you won’t ever waste time looking for something, and don’t forget to organize your shoes! By the way, the bags can also be stored on the door hooks of the closet. To freshen up your personal space, add some colors splashes to the shelving in your cabinet. Dress up the boxes with same pattern and follow the color scheme. Following these easy ideas, you can freshen up your home in no time!

Organizing Inspireation

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