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Natural Scented Cleaners

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A nice clean environment is a perfect way to start the new year fresh! But taking into consideration all the nasty chemicals in the cleaners, some just can get discouraged! However, here are some awesome alternatives to make all natural and scented cleaners to keep your home perfect!

Handmade Natural Cleaners with Awesome Scent

So, are you ready to get inspired and to breath in some fresh air with your amazing natural cleaners, all handmade? This project is a lot like the one we reviewed earlier, while we were making the room scented jars, and a lot like the one where we reviewed natural potions for cleaning. Now combining these two skills and knowledge, we will learn how to make amazing DIY natural and scented cleaners. For this project you will need: spray bottle, some vinegar as the cleaning base, citrus peels, spices and herbs.
The problem with vinegar is that while being a great cleaner, it still emits that horrible scent. But this can be minimized with a help of our new companions: fruits, spices and herbs! Before starting however, remember that the vinegar based cleaned is not good for marble or granite. So, you will need to choose the perfect scent, and while you consider this, let’s stick with the lemon scneted vinegar cleaner.
You will need lemon peels, herbs: rosemary, mint, & thyme, but actually it is not mandatory – you can use any that you like. If you want to sweeten up the solution, add some vanilla extract or essential oils, which also can alter the vinegar scent. Add rosemary sprigs, & vanilla extract to a lidded container, then fill with lemon peels. Make sure that the vinegar covers the peels. Then, cover the container with a lid and keep it that way for two weeks, or even a month!

After this period, don’t be startled by the look of the jar, the scent should be great! Next step is to strain the solution. Put a funnel in the jar and then rest a wire strainer in the funnel. Pour the vinegar solution through the strainer. Now pour some of your concentrated vinegar into the spray bottle, pour some of the concentrated scented vinegar into a spray bottle, 1/3 cup scented vinegar to 2/3 cups of water. If the vinegar smell is still too strong, add some 4-5 drops of extract or essential oil. However remember that once the vinegar is dry, the scent of it also goes away, unlike the nice scent of citrus and herbs!

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