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Making Home Picture Perfect

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You’ve porbably seen the typical interior pictures in a magazine or online where homes look like no one is living in them. Or at least no one human, as they are so clean and impeccable. Making a home picture perfect can be challenging. There are wires in the home office and the living room, trash can in the kitchen and children’s toys all over. But there are a few things you could do to hide all the unsightly details and enjoy your magazine cover worthy interior.

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Furniture Tricks

Trash can

Trash can hidden in furniture

Furniture isn’t only for sitting/lying or storage. It can also contain and hide all the details we want to keep away from not only public but our own eyes as well. Trash cans are rarely aesthetically pleasing, so keeping them contained in a section of your kitchen cabinetry can be a great way to keep the kitchen looking pristine.

Hide  your pet’s feeder at the bottom of the kitchen drawer. You will easily be able to hide it whenever it’s not needed or you could train your pet to close and open it when they want to eat. Cat litter box can be another unsightly thing that can be easily hidden in a DIY or bought cabinet.

Creative Spark


Sockets, thermostat, and light switch get lost among wall pictures

To hide various switches, thermostat, and vents you can use anything from artwork to ornate frames to try and disguise them among wall pictures. You can also come up with other creative covers for these necessary but not very aesthetically pleasing things.

Exterior eyesores are easily eliminated with de-cluttering of space and some good painting work and stylish color scheme. If you want to add curb appeal planter pots and flower beds can do the trick. For example, a green entry door in the gallery bellow matches well with the green surroundings.

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