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Laundry Room Ideas

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Do you have an extra room that you are willing to sacrifice to laundry? Well, this is doesn’t have to be so dramatic, because this post will help you in creating a really nice laundry room.

Laundry Room Design

Laundry rooms are usually percieved as dark cluttered storage room for dirty clothes, however that is not it’s real face. Laundry room can become quite exciting, if you use your creativity and add style to the interior of the room.

Laundry room, whether big or small should be clean, first off: no panties under the baskets, no forgotten t-shirts, and lonely socks lying in the corner! It should be clean, fresh and neat, because this is one of the conditions for the pleasant laundry work. Another important condition is for your laundry room to have decent lights. Of course it would be perfect if you have a window for natural illumination, but if this is not possible, use simple daylight lamps.

The typical laundry room should consist of the washing machine, the dryer, the cabinets for storage. However, if you lack space in placing all these object, perhaps you might consider the alternatives for cabinets, using instead racks, shelves and baskets? One of the options is to put the washing machine on top of the drawer, however make sure you will be able to open these machines. Now, when you figured the layout of your laundry room, make sure to place neat things that add personality to the room. This can be anything, but don’t make the room a mess, because a cluttered laundry room is a disaster!

Laundry Room Inspiration

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