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How to Make Home Cozy

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Everybody loves to be around a cozy home, don’t you think? We always wonder, what makes a home cozy? Is it a specific interior, or just people who live there make it this way with their presence? By providing simple guidelines, this post will help you in making the cozy atmosphere in your home.


Cozy house atmosphere

Some say it is the furniture, some say it the interior style, and some even blame color. But mostly, creating cozy interior design is a combination of many different cues. Think about it, what is the notion of something being cozy? It is a feeling, a sense of perception! Now, to make your home cozy you will need to include all or most senses, which is an essential part of making it not only appear comfortable, but actually to become one.

The strongest of all five senses that we have is of course the smell. Strong odors can disturb, envelop, enchant, and make one sick. Odors can provoke repressed memories, like of that childhood cake you had on your fifth birthday. Making use of the sense of smell is an important step in making your home cozy. Now, you might wonder how that can be used? Well first of all, if you have some stale air or bad smelling substance inside of your house you should get rid of it first. Secondly, use fresh air and seasonal odors to fill your house: this could include flowers, in spring and some pine, or anything reminding of winter holidays in winter. The important part is not to use some extraordinary smell, but to use one that is available appropriately. One of the universal smells to be used to make your house cozy is the smell of baking food, but of course you would need to cook for that. All things natural and pleasant should be taken into notion.


Other senses of our perception can be used all together, but let’s go over them anyway. The sense of touch, although important, might not be really noticeable for a visually orienting person. The sense of touch can be incorporated into the interior with several types of fabrics, such as linen, cotton, silk, and different kinds of materials, like plastic, wood, metal, stone. The sense of hearing is also important, but usually comes very naturally. Few notice that the appropriate sound can be a very soothing, or on the contrary boosting background. The dominating sense is Vision, of course. It controls your whole perception of the interior design, so it is important not to clutter sensual things, but to arrange them in nice combination. It is perceptually hard to perceive the clutter of details, use simpler lines and avoid mess, unless it is supposed to look like that.

Other supplementary sources for cozy home is the perceptual categories, such as balance, movement, time and space. The crackling fireplace in addition to providing pleasant memories to the eye, ear, sense of smell, also gives a sense of coziness with a perception of moving fire. The fish in the fish tank with its constant movement also provide a comfortable feeling, as well as any other pets as they add an aching sense of being loved and cherished. As you see, making your home cozy is not that hard if you know of what that coziness consists of. Try your best, and certainly you will succeed at making your home a cozy place.

Cozy house


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