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How to Make Beautiful Pantry

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We’ve all have seen examples of beautiful, well-designed pantries on TV and photos: neat shelves, alluring neat rows of jars and boxes of supplies. Why then do our own pantries often look like the storage for skis and old fishing gear? Probably few of us think that a beautiful pantry can easily be done by hand.

Make Beautiful Pantry by Yourself

Pantry design

Pantry design

Choosing the materials

First of all, a pantry is a set of shelves, which can be convenient to arrange things for storage. The easiest way is to make chipboard shelves. You can also make shelves of wood: it will cost a bit more expensive but such pantry will last a little longer.

Selecting a location for pantry

The best option would be to use some niche or redesign the wall-cupboard. But if you do not have a suitable niche, it can be done in a corner under the stairs, behind the door or even just in a corner of the room.

Storage facilities

It is also important to choose comfortable pantry storage organization facilities. For example, if you use the pantry for storing food in the kitchen, you will find very useful transparent jars and boxes for bulk food, which will be convenient to store everything from spices to flour. Provide a special shelf for storing wine bottles, which will not allow them to roll and fall down. If your pantry is designed to store other household items, it will be useful to have large plastic boxes and crates that can be placed on the shelves to store different necessary stuff. Boxes can be signed by marker.

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