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How To Keep Your Home Clean And Fresh While on Vacation

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Most people look forward to a vacation somewhere far away from their job and familiar surroundings. They want to rest and see something different, maybe meet new people while on their trip. But no one wants to come home to a dusty house that needs cleaning rights after a long flight and all the airport hassle. Well, here are a few tips on how to keep your home clean and fresh during vacation without external help.

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Get Ready

Getting your house ready for after you come from vacation is the main thing. You don’t want to start cleaning right after your magical vacation where you needn’t to lift a finger. Do away with all the dirty laundry and trash, as well as perishables in your fridge. Arrange for your pets to stay in a pet hotel or hire a pet sitter.


While you’re away your house won’t get as dirty but if you have dust issues you’re better cover up the picture frames, stuffed toys, and any other things you don’t want to dust all over again. Seal the doors and windows to make sure no dust settles while you’re gone into your freshly cleaned house. Put on some covers on the furniture and rugs to gather all the pet hair.

Freshen Up

Airing out the house before and after your trip is a good practice that will keep your house smelling nice and fresh. You may place some home fresheners around, just avoid live flowers. Put on fresh bed linens and bathroom towels for when you come back in the bathroom to make it an ultimate welcome after a long trip back home.

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