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Household’s Dirtiest Places

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No matter how clean your household is there are always some spots that can be quite hard to reach, and they will stay dirty and spread bacteria for longer periods of time. In order to clean these spots you need to know about them first. Here you will find the household’s dirtiest places, so let’s the countdown begin!

House’s Dirty Spots List

Dirty Spots in the House

Kitchen Faucet


Faucets are among the dirtiest spots in the house, as they accumulate the food residue, which turns black. Faucets are also among the most popular spots for mold growth. It is essential to clean the faucet, especially the spot where the water comes out. Remove the aerator and place it into vinegar, let it soak for 15 minutes for thorough cleaning. Gently brush away the residue with a toothbrush.

Kitchen Cabinet Tops

While you are cleaning the kitchen cabinets you often forget about the tops. Meanwhile the kitchen cabinet tops are the dirtiest, because they are usually out of sight. The kitchen cabinet tops need to be cleaned at least once a month. If you can’t reach the top adjust the stepladder and vacuum the tops clean.

Dirty Spots in the House



While you might be cleaning your bathroom thoroughly, you might forget about the bathtub. The water that stays in the bathtub, breeds mold and fungus, so it is essential to dry the bathtub or a shower stall after using it. It is also important to use anti-bacteria detergents once in a while.


Container leftovers, as well as the long forgotten products can create a mess inside a refrigerator. It is important to check the refrigerator at least once in two weeks for the accumulating dirt. To clean the refrigerator you need to take everything out and wipe away any grease and dirt. Then, fill the sink with water, add a dishwashing detergent and clean the plastic containers and shelves that go inside the refrigerators.

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