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Household Safety Checklist

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If you think that your house is generally safe, sit down and think again. There are definitely some dangers lurking in the shadow of your household. Today, we are going to cover the definite household hazards, that you need to take into consideration so make sure to create a similar household safety checklist for yourself.

5 Household Dangers

house safety

1. Mold Alert

As you know, mold, is a type of fungus that thrives in moist places and can be very dangerous to human beings. Especially dangerous is the black mold type. To get rid of mold you need to take preventive measures such as regular cleaning and ventilation of the moist rooms like bathrooms and basements.

2. Kitchen Fire

Safety should be one of the first priorities in the household, and one of the dangers is lurking in the kitchen. Have you ever cooked something, which was accidently caught on fire? Well, statistics show that kitchen accidents are number one in causing home fires. To prevent fire on the pan from spreading to the rest of the house, just close the lid. Another method is to use baking soda, because both block off the oxygen.

house safety

3. Radon Gas

Radon is a very dangerous gas, which might be accumulating in your basement. Actually, specialists suggest that you should start worrying if you live below the third floor. The best solution is to acquire the radon test kit, which is very cheap and available in every local hardware store. If you do happen to have radon gas, contact the local radon experts who can install a mitigation system that directs the gas outside.

4. Bathroom Dangers

Bathroom fall is quite an obvious danger as the tile covered in water can be very slippery. To prevent it use slip-proof bath mats.

house safety

5. Kitchen Dangers

Another danger is lurking in the bathroom cabinets – electrical appliances. You need to make sure that absolutely everything is unplugged when not in use.

6. Lint Build-up

Lint or hair can build up in the dryer’s vent and cause damage to the machine and even cause fire in the household. It is important to check the vent regularly and clean it from the lint build-up.


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