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Homemade Ants Repellents

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Ants, although quite little, can cause much nuisance to the household dwellers. There are many different ways to deal with these nasty pests, but most of them involve using pesticides and dangerous for pets chemicals. Here we will present you budget homemade recipes of ant repellents, made from the ingredients that can be found at home.

Dealing with Ants

Ant Repellents

Baking Soda + Sugar + Yeast

Baking soda is quite good in dealing with insects, especially ants. The idea here is to trap the ants in one spot, so spray the baking soda around the house, to attract them to a soda-free spot. You can make a soda poison out of baking soda, yeast and powdered sugar. Mix them in a small bowl with a small amount of dry active yeast. As you can guess, the sugar will attract the ants, while the rest kills them.


Another way to secure your household is to use lemons. Make a solution out of squeezed lemons and water which you need to mix and place it into the spray bottle. Now spray everything with this mixture, including the window sills, thresholds and doorways.

Ant Repellents

Dish detergent + Boric Acid

There are several ways of dealing with ants, one of them is a mixture of a dish detergent and boric acid. Detergent will help in dealing with ants’ invasion by killing the pests, while boric acid will be efficient for long-term effects. So, this is how it works: make a solution of dish detergent with water and put the mixture into the spray bottle. Any time you see an ant strolling around, spray the mixture and it will die.

It is also important to take notice of places, where you see a lot of ants. Perhaps they have a nest right in that room. Search for all dark spaces where ants could probably nest and take measures. Now, these measures could be taken by using Boric acid. If you haven’t found the nest, one of the things to consider are the power outlets, as ants are often traveling through that point. Unscrew the plates of the electrical outlet and place there a scoop of 1/2 table spoon of boric acid. The ants will travel through the outlet and feed the acid to their cohorts, poisoning the entire army.

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