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Home Aroma Remedies

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Aroma makes your home fresh. This is not just the home itself; there are more places where you can use aroma remedies. There are several ideas how to make most often used places and appliances fresh and clean in your house.



Before you start vacuuming, wet a piece of cotton with a few drops of lavender and suck up with the vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming on the cleaning way, the vacuum cleaner will all leave gentle “Provençal» flavor.

Deodorization of Refrigerator

Fresh Fridge

Moisten porous stones of baked clay or ordinary gauze with 1 drop of lavender and drop of lemon (in this case, the essential oils will evaporate faster) and place them on the refrigerator door. Periodically update the essential oils.

Deodorization of Trash


Wash and dry the waste basket, drip one drop of lavender and 1 drop of tea tree on aroma stone, a piece of gauze or a cotton ball and place on the bottom.

How to “Refresh” the Microwave


Have 3 drops of the essential oil of lemon or mint in a bowl of water. Put for 3 minutes.

Toilets Aromatization


Use a small shelf where you can put 2-3 aroma stones with the size of a small cookie. Put a few drops lavender, ylang -ylang or pine on the stones. Change the oil every week. This simple procedure fills the toilet with delicate scent and heals the atmosphere.

Aromatization of Laundry


It is becoming quite popular to add essential oils in the wash. You should not limit yourself in choosing flavors. There are two ways: either you add in a tumble dryer terry mitten, on which you drip 7 drops of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, or roses (or any other oil, your favorite), or add 3 drops of the same oil to the water to add to the iron. Remember that essential oils are not greasy and your clothes do not get dirty.

Cleaning and Disinfection of All Surfaces

Add 30 drops of lavender, tea tree oil and/or lemon juice (30 drops – total, not each) in one liter of spirit vinegar. Then shake it well. This simple and economical structure perfectly cleans and disinfects all surfaces.

Deodorant for the Room

Pour a few drops of peppermint in a spray bottle with water. Shake and spray the room.

Getting Rid of the Insects


How to use toxic insecticides that are harmful for humans and for animals, which also smell bad, it is better to spray in the air essential oils – lavender, cedar and eucalyptus. No gun? Then add a few drops in a bowl of hot water or even on pieces of cotton balls and place them around the room.

A House without the Moth

Felt Clock

Add 5 drops of cypress and 5 drops of lavender to aroma stone, wooden cube, or on a piece of gauze (it then put in a cloth pouch). Put in a wardrobe or chest of drawers with the laundry. Regularly change to a new one.

A House without Ants

Felt Clock

Add 5 drops of lavender and 10 drops of peppermint in a spray bottle with ¼ liter of water. Spray the mixture to the “favorite” trails of ants and especially in the place of their nest. Repeat several times a day for several days.

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