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Holiday Fire Safety Tips

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The holidays are a season of fun, and sometimes this fun can become really exciting and some big trouble can come along the way. With all the lighting involved into the process, you should be cautious and know the basics of fire safety. Here we present some basic information on how to stay safe during the holidays, by presenting the fire safety tips!

Holiday Fire Safety Basics

The fireworks, Christmas lights, bright tingling ornaments are of course fun – but don’t forget about the dangers electricity imposes on you. Holiday fires unfortunately are not an uncommon event, but you can make yourself safe for the event of the fire. Did you know that only the innocent Christmas trees are responsible for 200 cases of fires every year! So first thing is to ensure that your fir tree is dry and is well watered, and for this matter place the trunk into the water. Have a basic fire safety kit ready, in case of emergency.
If the tree shows any signs of dying, it should be discarded – so be careful when choosing your Christmas tree, make sure that it is fresh. This can be done by checking the needles, If you like to decorate your house for the Holiday with candles, keep them away from the objects that are easily flammable. Also, consider placing the flammable objects away from the sources of open fire. No more than three strands of holiday lights should be placed on the extension cord, as this can ensure your fire safety. When choosing the Christmas tree ornaments, check if they are flammable, because if they are – this can cause much trouble to you! Check the Christmas lights for shorts, as these can also cause much damage and be a real threat of fire. Try not to use any nails for attaching the strands of lights, because they can cause shorts in wires as well, so check the frayed ends before decorating. This is really important! Lastly, make sure that you keep guard on your kids every time, especially if they are really little and can accidentally flip a candle, or throw some object into the open fireplace. Take care during the Christmas time, and be happy to spend this time with your family!

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