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Fixing Leaks In Faucets

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We all had to face it at least once: leaking faucets – what can be more irritating? In ancient China leaking water was used as torture in certain provinces. So, if you don’t want your torture to continue, pull yourself together and fix a leaking faucet.

Repairing Leaky Faucets

Leaky Faucet Problem

How To Fix Faucet Leaks

Not only the leaking faucet is annoying, it is also wasting precious natural resources, which costs you money as you end up paying for the water that you don’t use. In order to fix the leaking faucet you will need to turn off the water supply completely. This can be done by turning down the valves that are located underneath the sink. Then you need to let out the water that has accumulated inside the faucet, so now that the valves are turned off, turn on the faucet.

Now you need to take off the faucet handles, which are held there by screws. You also need to unscrew the faucet stem that you can locate by second hexagonal nut that holds the stem. Now below you should see the valve stem, and this one you should examine closely. See if there are any signs of wear or cracks, because these probems are the most often known to cause the leaks. If there are any signs of wear it is best to replace the valve stem altogether. Sometimes the stem can feature a calcium buildup, which you can remove with a nylon brush.

Another thing that might be causing the leaks is a rubber washer, located at the bottom of the faucet. It is best to replace it with new one. Also replace the faucet packing, if necessary. It is a plastic or graphite material around the stem, which is actually meant to prevent the leaks. To make sure that this item is secure, add a few silicone drops at the bottom side of the packing nut. Now, put back the handles by securing them with faucet handle screws. Don’t forget to turn back the water!

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