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Fighting with Cigarette Odor Indoors

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If you one of your family members smokes, it can become a smelly disaster, as the odor of cigarettes is quite nasty to non-smokers. If you are struggling to remove that stench from your household, following these easy tips on eliminating it!

Tips on Removing the Cigarette Stench

Having smoker in the family can turn the house smell like a bar in any time of the day! Everything around is covered with that dense and unpleasant smell, and you just have to deal with it. Or you don’t! There are easy tricks to deal with that stench, if you follow these easy tips. The easiest way to eliminate the odor is to let the windows be open for a while, but that cannot be applied to furniture and other furnishings in the house, that hae to endure the smell.
One of the natural ways to remove is to set little bowls of vinegar around that place. However, make sure that this bowl is inaccessible to kids or pets, because vinegar is extremely dangerous. At least close the door to that room, so the vinegar bowls won’t be accessible. If you don’t want to use vinegar in bowls, there is an alternative. Likewise, the bowls with activated charcoal or pine-scented cleaner can be used. Soak a cloth in vinegar and then wring it out, and wave in the room for a minute.
Another way to minimize the stench, but not to get rid of it is to use cologne, or deodorant. Spray some on the cold light bulb, and next time you would turn it on, the favorite smell would emanate. Now, another idea is quite provocative, but might help to trap the smell. Place some cat litter to the ashtrays, so that the smell of the cigarette. Now, if the cigarette odor is stuck to the upholstery or carpets one way is to spray the baking soda and then to use vacuum cleaner after night. These are good ways to remove the odor, however the best way to remove the stench is to never allow anyone to smoke inside your house. If that is absolutely necessary, at least open up all of the windows and let in the air. It is better to make the air flow from window to window.

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