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Eliminating Stains

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Sruggling with that carpet to be as nice as before the accident? Hiring a professional, might not be an option as it is quite expensive, however there is another thing you can do – remove the stain yourself. Following these simple tips will make you forget about that nasty carpet stain!

Tips on Removing Stains from Carpets

Accidents happen to all of us, however if we react immediately the accident will be easily eliminated. The carpets, no matter what they color and pattern can be quite a disaster if they happen to catch a stain. However, don’t despair – they don’t need to be thrown away. Stains, as well as odors can be easily eliminated if you will try to remove the stain. The removal of the stain largely depends on its origin, however there is a universal tool to remove that stain.
Remembering the good cleaning properties of baking soda, you will need to make a solution. Add 1/4 cup of peroxide with 2 table spoons of baking soda in the spray bottle. Now, shake the mixture well together until the baking soda settles and dissolves. Then spray the solution to the stained spot – you will need to rub that place with a microfiber cloth. The hydrogen peroxide solution should dissolve the stain and remove the odor, but the cloth will help you anyway. However, don’t forget to clean the microfiber cloth by rinsing it. Repeat the procedure as many times as you need. You need to be aware, that the longer you keep that stain sitting there, the longer and harder it takes to remove it.
Now, if that area of is damp, you can speed up the drying process by placing a fan nearby. The damp carpet can cause another disaster, like an unpleasant rotting stench. After the carpet is relatively dry, spray the remains of baking soda to the carpet of the stain area and then vacuum clean that area. The purpose for this last is to eliminate the last remains of the odor, as you know any liquid in any form cause the carpet to rot from the inside and release a nasty smell. Take care of your carpet and it will serve you for years to come!

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