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Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning

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Sometimes, we struggle with that carpet being clean and healthy for the home environment. If you struggle as well, welcome to the page we are discussing eco-friendly ways of cleaning carpets!

Natural Carpet Cleaning Benefits

Continuing the theme of carpet cleaning, we step into the realm of exploring the natural carpet cleaners. As you already know how to get rid of carpet stains, let’s find out the benefits of choosing natural carpet cleaners. Why waste so much money on chemical detergents when you can use eco-friendly materials and still get the results, without bringing harm! So, today we are going to talk about natural and green way to clean the carpet.
Did you know that popular carpet cleaners contain formaldehyde and lye, disinfectants, fragrances, dyes, even pesticides! Certainly you wouldn’t want your kids or pets to be in danger, just because you want to clean the carpet. One of the ways to go is to use a cleanser with only organic ingredients. Apart from obvious benefits of using chemical free cleaners, you also can be sure that they won’t promote mold growth, because they mostly have dry formulas. For instance, one of the cheapest and organic way to clean to a carpet is to use baking soda. Simple sprinkle it over the carpet and let it rest for 30 minutes. Of course, make sure that neither the kids, nor pets are using that carpet. After the time passes, remove the soda with a vacuum cleaner.
There are numerous organic cleaners which you can use for carpet cleaning, however first make sure you know the full list of the ingredients, so that you control the chemicals in your house. What you also need to keep in mind, is that salt and water as ingredients cannot be certified organic, so this is why you should prefer to go for dry carpet cleaners. There are also ways to use a multi cleaner, also organic in origin, which might reduce the cost of carpet cleaning. So, consider all of the options and make your choice!


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