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Dust Catchers And Dirt Collectors Will Keep Your Home Pristine

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Dust and dirt can be good for building your immunity against allergies but they can also be a pain when it comes to aesthetics. All those hard-to-reach corners and surfaces covered in dust and dirt do nothing for your psyche? Well, then there are a few good ways to rid yourself of cleaning and scrubbing and dusting.

Keep Your Home Pristine With These Tricks

Peeble shoe tray

The best part of these tricks is that they minimize the time and area of cleaning by half. Your major cleaning will only require a bit of time and effort and your house will always look clean and neat.

Cabinet Covers

How often do you wipe your cabinets? If the dust and grease splatters concern you and give you a hard time during cleaning the best way to deal with them is just by covering the cabinet surfaces with wax paper. Easy, cheap, and requires minimum of your effort. You can do the same with your pantry to avoid any hard to remove spills and sticky dust.

Stone Shoe Tray

If you live in a wet climate or have a garden a pebble-filled box is a great way of getting rid of water and mud in a totally aesthetic way.


If you don’t like to have tiles in your kitchen you are definitely going to need a mountable backsplash that is easy to clean. Otherwise you can kiss your walls goodbye. At least their pristine appearance.

Finally, there are many ways to protect your furniture and floors from wearing out fast as well as staining. Furniture slips and covers can not only be functional but also colorful and aesthetically pleasing. The floors can be covered with runners and rugs in high traffic areas and kid’s room walls painted with washable paint.

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