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DIY Home Soundproofing

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If you are concerned with the domestic sounds, which your hear or if you are noise intolerant – the best way to deal with it is soundproofing. Although this procedure might cost a fortune, there is an alternative solution – DIY soundproofing!

diy soundproofing

DIY Soundproofing Ideas

Even though humans are social beings, sometimes you just want to enjoy your privacy and your silence. However, our serene territory might be abruptly interrupted by the loud noise from our neighbors or even relatives. One of the ways to deal with it is soundproofing your room, or a whole house. First thing to know is that sound travels in waves and once you put something in between the waves, the sound will not be as intense.

diy soundproofing

There are different ways to protect your house from the noise or unpleasant sound, however not all of them are very nice looking. One of the popular choices of soundproofing is to use a shag pile carpet, which can be hanged on the wall, which divides you from the neighbors. By the way the same could be done with the floor, so your neighbors would not hear the noise and won’t complain much. You could protect your ceiling with the egg cardboard, as the uneven surface of the cardboard would stop the sound waves from achieving their goal.

diy soundproofing

It is important to soundproof doors and windows as well, as that is also a source of noise. The windows could be made soundproof with the heavy woolen drapes, however these can become quite dusty and turn your room into a crypt. Even though the shag pile is a good alternative, the rubberized underlayment is also good. It is also a good idea to include soft furniture, as the upholstery surface also absorbs the sound. In general, you could just use a lot of cushions, carpets and other soft furnishings. So, using these simple tips you can soundproof your indoor area in no time!


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