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Dealing With Spiders

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Spiders…There is something archaic about these little creatures, some are terrified of them while some consider it a good luck sign if a spider is in the house. They can bring panic, mess and good fortune, but how to deal with them, if they occupy your house?

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At least once in your life you had an encounter with spiders! What did you feel? Terrified, or you thought it is a lucky sign, you perhaps it didn’t bother you? Spiders are surprising creatures, that tend do be both beneficial and in some times harmful. They are beneficial, because they keep away other nasty insects, such as flies and cockroaches that are most likely dangerous. However, if they are too many of them in your house – things have to change. One of the ideas to keep them away is to have a thorough clean up and eliminate any dark and dry spaces, where they hide and lay eggs. This can be done with a vacuum cleaner, and a floor mopping, a good wet clean up! The periods of their activity fall in the periods from summer to winter, but it largely depends on the region where you live. You should also know that the spiders can be poisonous. To find out what spiders are poisonous, check the popular poisonous spiders that live in your region.
The spiders don’t necessarily need to be killed; they can be just removed to the outside. One of the ideas is to regularly light some peppermint oil incense around the house, and splash some lemon grass oil on windows and doors and places where you suspect t spiders live. As peppermint and lemon grass are natural insect repellents and will deter any spiders from entering your house. Among other plants that are natural insect repellants are Hedge apple, the fruits of which, are classified as a shrub or small tree, are not orange at all — they come in various shades of green, but have a bumpy skin reminiscent of an orange fruit. But generally regular cleaning helps with eviction of spiders, so check the dark and dry spaces for spider webs and eggs and vacuum clean!

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