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De-cluttering Basics: Living Room

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We all need a break from chaos that surrounds us, and sometimes we fail to notice that the chaos begins in our own household. This post will help you start de-cluttering your space, starting with the living room.

De-cluttering 101

Sometimes clutter comes to our lives unexpectedly, and it is important to stop the process when it starts. But, if you didn’t notice this process, here are some useful tips on how to avoid cluttering your living room.

When starting to de-clutter the living room, as with any room, start from the corner and go to the other side of the room. Often the most useful idea is to go through all of your belongings and sort out the most needed ones. However, most often we keep stuff that we think we need, when in fact it only adds up to the pile. One of the greatest solutions is to pack up everything for a while, and when you find your self repacking these boxes, you will realize that most of the stuff is no longer needed. It is hard to start, but once you are one the right track, keep working!
If it is hard for you o find time for de cluttering, make it a family rule to do this procedure for 15 minutes each day. However, most likely that you will find this process very intriguing and keep doing it for the rest of the day. So, you need to make sure you have time and energy to go over all of your cluttered memories. It is also a great idea to mark the progress on a chart, or a personal diary, or even your facebook account. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to work further.

If you feel sad throwing something away, yet you are certain that this particular thing is no longer needed, donate it! As simple as that, but it will take away your worries. However, if you still have some items that cannot be given away just yet, you can put them all together in one box, seal it and put it away for a year, or maybe 6 month. If after the passing time, you still don’t need, then most likely you won’t be needing the stuff any longer.

The last useful tip in de-cluttering is to start the process with someone who you trust, to keep you motivated, and rational. Remember that to keep you house clean, you will have to be careful on what you buy and put in your living room.

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