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Creative Storage And Organizer Ideas For Bathroom

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Bathroom organizing can be challenging while storage does not always look very stylish or flattering. There are many designer and DIY storage and organizing solutions for bathrooms from storage-friendly sanitaryware to repurposed items that look unexpected in bathroom decor.

Bathtub/Sink Storage

Some modern bathtubs come with storage compartments to help save space in the bathroom or create a mini library for an afternoon reading session in the tub. A Split sink from Planit is a cool storage-friendly sink that can house a towel inside its body. There are also some storage systems that can be fixed by the toilet bowl for storing toilet paper and other things.

Repurposed Items

As we’ve mentioned in our previous post on bathroom storage ideas many everyday items could be reporposed for bathroom storage and organizing such as ladders, suitcases, wine racks, crates and pallets, shoe boxes and chairs, milk crates, lockers, and umbrella stands. There are numerous other things that can be repurposed as towels tacks, product storage and organizers like vintage shoe shelves, medicine cabinets, Mason jars, magnets, buckets, and other.

Creative Designs

Some of these ideas are DIY but you can always kook into designer storage and organizing solutions like the Hook Box above by Luca Nichetto or a purple Happy sink by Novello with an assymetric storage compartment.

Bathroom Storage And Organizer Ideas

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  1. Mommasopa
    July 22, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    I would love to know what the round towel/bathroom shelves are made out of.