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Creative Shoe Storage Ideas

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There are many wardrobe storage solutions but what to do with the shoes? There are quite a few ways of storing shoes outside the conventional shoe shelf. Need ideas to organize a shoe collection? Here are some creative ways of doing it.

Creative Shoe Storage

Glass Cabinet

Want to display your shoe collection in full? An antique or shabby chic glass cabinet is a perfect storage solution. The cabinet shelves are convenient for shoe storage and glass doors will  show off the shoes and will simply make the shoe storage look organic with the room decor.  Choose an industrial metal cabinet to fit an industrial bedroom decor.

Ladder Shoe Rack

Ladders are multifunctional and shoe storage is one more option they can provide with. Store heeled shoes by hanging them from the ladder.

Clear Boxes/Photo Descriptions

Shoe boxes can be handy for storing shoes but not very convenient when it comes to identifying a box with the needed pair especially if one has an extensive shoe collection. Clear storage boxes make it easier to identify the shoes as well as display them in full view. But do not give up the regular shoe boxes altogether. Photograph a pair of shoes and label a box with it to be able to quickly find the shoes you want to wear today.


Decorative molding is another way of displaying favorite shoes as well as creating wall decor. Choose molding that fits with the room’s style. It can be painted bright to add a pop of color to the room. Hang the shoes of different colors in pairs to create a pattern. Add a piece of apparel to the arrangement to get a nice completed look.


A pouf shoe rack is a convenient way tohide shoe as well as use it as a seat for changing footwear. It can also be a decorative addition to a dressing room or area. You can also use a pouf at the dressing table for storing shoes.

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