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Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas

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Bedroom is an ultimate relaxation spot in the house so it should be clean from any clutter and stuff, especially if you are trying to create a zen bedroom where you would feel rested and relaxed. There are quite a few ways to organize and store things even in a small bedroom.

Creative Bedroom Storage Solutions

Storage-friendly bed

Under Bed

Even if your bed is not storage-friendly you can still use the space under it to hide bulky stuff like winter clothes or spare duvets. You can vaccum pack them for the season to save some space and hide more stuff under the bed. Use storage boxes or baskets to organize things. Books, notebooks, and other accessories go to one box, other things like bedding and pillow cases to another.

Storage-Friendly Headboard

Some headboards come with built-in storage that allows storing smaller items like clocks, jewelry boxes, and reading lamps while also serving as surface for display objects.


Got some spare space between the wall and the wardrobe? It can become an improvised niche for some floating shelves where you can store things, books, more clothes, and other belongings without compromising the look of the room.

Wardrobe Alternatives

Clothing racks are great for storing clothes without the need for a bulky wardrobe. The disadvantage of such storage is the lack of drawers but you can use lockers or a bureau to organize all of the small stuff.

Behind Walls

If you don’t want to display things a dividing wall can be a great way to hide the things and make for a sleek look. This wall can be made with a wardrobe behind the bed or an actual additional wall that can also be a screen or some other type of divider.

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