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Common Mistakes In House Maintenance

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Let’s face it there are certain troubles with housekeeping that we all make. Yet, certain home maintenance problems can turn into complete disasters if left unattended – and all them about water. Here you will find a list of home maintenance water problems that should be avoided.

Troubleshooting Home Maintenance Water Issues

House Maintenance Water Troubles

Dealing With Water Troubles By Michael Blann


One of the most essential things to watch out for – are the water troubles. Don’t let the sprinklers spray the house, as the water will eventually seep into the foundation. If your house has gutters their spouts should be pointed out of the house. The water in the foundation can cause troubles that will cost about $ 8000 to repair, and we don’t want this kind of expenses, right?

Exterior Doors

You no doubt regularly wash the interior and exterior doors, but you might not probably know that the water doesn’t evaporate from them – it sinks in. Even if you don’t wash the exterior doors they still get water from the rain. The rainwater can seep in the door and damage the wood, entrance tiles or a carpet. You can probably guess that when water is coming and stays that is usually an invitation to mold. Be very cautious about water in the exterior doors and use only dusting brush or damp towel for cleaning.

Dirty Gutters

Dirty gutters can cause more troubles than just a heap of last year leaves stuck on the roof. They can’t drain the water from the roof if they are cluttered, and if the roof is watered that means that your walls and foundation are in a major trouble. The gutters should be cleaned at least once a year, this will save you thousands of dollars. If you dislike climbing a ladder maybe you at least can spend a few hundreds of dollars to hire someone, instead of spending $ 3000 later on.

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