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Cleaning and Storing Glassware

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It is important that glassware is used and stored properly to prevent breakage or injury. Any scratches, whether noticeable or not, greatly reduce its strength. Whenever possible, do not let glass apparatus contact metal, grit or even other glassware. Glassware should not be scribed or etched which is especially important when it is to be used for pressure or vacuum work.

Decorative Crystal Care

Crystal Glassware

Crystal Glassware

Crystal is a luxury product composed of fine materials expensive to produce and replace, which is why hand care is recommended to preserve its clarity and brilliance as well as prevent damage.

Crystal gathers dust. Whether on display or in storage, it needs to be cleaned using a specific method. Crystal used for dinning or drinking should be cleaned before and after use, crystal on display should sparkle.

The following steps can help you take care of decorative crystal glassware:


  • Use a soft, lint-free cloth dampened in a solution of warm water, mild detergent and white vinegar. Mix 1 oz. mild detergent and ¼ cup of white vinegar (it will add shine to the crystal). Lint-free cloths are absorbent so they won’t be leaving behind lint or streaks on your crystal.
  • Wash crystal containers with wide openings, such as vases or bowls, before and after use. You may use a baby’s bottle brush to move a sponge or soft cloth around the inside of the item.
  • Fill the container half full. Add ¼ to ½ cup of dry white rice or crushed egg shells to the container. Shake the container so that the water and rice mixture moves around in order to clean the inside of the container. Empty the container and rinse with clean water.

Machine Made Glassware

Machine Made Glassware

Machine Made Glassware

Although machine-made glassware is thicker than handmade crystal and can withstand heat, vibrations, and other rigors of a dishwasher, there are some precautions:

  • Glass is sensitive to changes in temperature. To avoid shattering, don’t immerse cold glass in hot water.
  • Before adding ice cubes partially fill a glass with room temperature water. This will let the glass to adjust to the temperature of the ice cubes.
  • Massive objects are not easy to hold and wash with soap and water but are easy to wipe clean with a cleaning solution. Wipe them with a damp cloth wrung dry.
  • Stack glassware well apart in a dishwasher. The force of water causes vibration that may cause glassware pieces to hit one another and chip.
  • To avoid permanent damage to glass vases, change the water daily, since flowers change water chemically.

How to Store Glassware

Glassware Storage

Glassware Storage

The best way to keep glassware in good shape for years to come is to be aware of proper storage. In order to have your glassware last in a decent if not perfect condition you need to follow a few guidelines.

  • If you do not use bigger and heavier glassware very often, it can be placed in cabinets. A better way is to keep glassware in a storage box. Wash, clean, rinse and let it dry before you place it in the storage box. The best storage boxes have Styrofoam. This way your glassware is protected from improper handling.
  • There are also specific ways to store glassware. Glasses with stems should be kept upside down because then they are at a safer distance from the ground and there is smaller chance that they will be knocked down.
  • Line a protective and clean paper on a shelf, and then place the glasses on it. The paper will absorb the water drying the glasses much quicker. The glasses should be kept in a dry cupboard behind closed doors.


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