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Choosing the Right Paint

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If you are in a process of decorating your interior, you might be confronted by the idea of what type of paint to chose, apart from choosing the color. Let’s discuss several ideas on choosing the right paint!

Paint Variations

If you think painting interior is simple you are so wrong! There are so many variations of the paints types, that it is easy to get lost! However, don’t despair as we offer a hand in that!

First of all, there are exterior and interior paints. The exterior paint is designed especially for the outside use , as it is weather resistant and keeps to its true color longer. The interior paints have more tones to choose from, they are usually washable and besides they also provide texture: sheens, matte, eggshell, etc. Be aware that using exterior paint indoors may not be safe, because it mostly is dangerous to use inside. Likewise, the interior paint should not be used outdoors unless you want the crackled effect.
Since we are more concerned with the indoor use, lets focus on the interior paint. As mentioned above, the paint differs in being flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss or high gloss. For the ceilings it is best to use flat as it is easier to clean, while eggshell is strong and can be used for covering the bumps. Satin is used usually in rooms where the paint is fast to wear off, such as kid’s room. Semi-gloss paint for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and children’s bedrooms, these are water resistant and sleek.


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