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Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

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If you haven’t already decided on what Christmas tree to chose, stick around for these easy tips of choosing the perfect winter beauty to decorate your house for Christmas!

Christmas Tree Tips

First of all, before choosing the perfect tree you should know that there are several types of christmas trees, and all of them differ. Here are some examples:
1. Fraser Fir – The fir of these types is dark, with silvery green tips; and it is native to the south region, has a distinct scent. This type of a tree is easier to decorate because it has extra space between the branches.

2. The Noble Fir is deep green in color and is a perfect tree for Christmas. Its branches are sturdy yet the needles are not too sharp to decorate easily, and they can hold heavy ornaments.

3. A Colorado Blue Spruce has a nice shape of a pyramid, and is known for a bluish shade of foliage. These types of trees are sold in a pot as a “alive”, and can be replanted after the holiday is over into your garden.

4. Douglas Fir – beautiful Christmas tree with soft shiny green needles, however might be difficult to decorate, because of the perfect cone shape. Has its own fragrance, that is specific for this type.

5. The Balsam Fir has a dark green color, with flexible branches, however they might not be strong enough to hold the heavy ornaments, also has a pleasant wintery fragrance!
These are just the few options to consider, however when you have chosen the type of the tree, think about the following:

  • Height of the tree in accordance with your interior
  • When choosing the tree, look out for its condition – the less of dead needles, the better!
  • Not only the height is important, check also for width!
  • A good idea is to check the needle drop by slightly shaking the tree
  • And at last, take a step back and evaluate your future Christmas focal point from all sides


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