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Choosing Home Fragrances

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Each house has its own unique flavor. It reflects the character, mood and energy of the hosts. Fragrances can not only decorate the interior, but also add a special touch to the life of each resident.

How to Choose Home Fragrances

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil

We will explain how to choose the right fragrance to lift your mood, relax and keep a positive aura of the house.

Scents for maintaining mood

If you want to relax quickly after a long day of work or, conversely, to cheer up in the morning, light scented candles with certain components. It can replace the morning coffee and a ritual or meditation.

Peppermint, orange, cinnamon, grapefruit, lemongrass are among the bracing and tonic flavors. They help to awaken from sleep and start the day with a cheerful mood. For those who are too lazy to do exercises in the morning, we recommend rosemary. It flair spur to action and at the same time awakens the brain and prepares us for a hard working day.

For those who work at home on the computer, we recommend Rhaponticum carthamoides. It neutralizes the negative effects of computer and improves intellectual activity.

After a hard day, inhale relaxing fragrances: sandalwood, Peruvian balsam or ylang-ylang. They relieve tension, stress and anxiety. And if you need to tune a romantic mood with your partner, give the preference to mysterious jasmine, vanilla air or queen of flowers – rose.



Fragrances for different parts of the apartment

Selection of flavors depends primarily on the olfactory preferences of the hosts. However, it makes sense to consider territorial criteria.

Fragrance for a hall is a sartorial statement of the home. Crossing the threshold, the host and a guest are immediately immersed in the special atmosphere of the home. It’s great when the house has its own distinct fragrant portrait.

It is better that it was a mixture of flavors. For example, pine, rosewood oil, and lemon. Pine creates a sense of security. Rosewood relieves tension and stress. Lemon is elevating emotions.

Choose scents for the living room depending on the activities that will take place there. If you decided just to relax, you can focus on relaxing oils that soothe and improve mood. That can be done with the mixture of mandarin with ylang-ylang and languid benzoic encapsulating resin.

If you will be meeting guests, who most of the time will be in the living room, it is better to give preference to the flavors that help in communication. Use a mix of bergamot, which stimulates communication between people and rose, which would smooth conflicts.

For the bedroom use relaxing scents that promote good sleep: chamomile, tea tree, calendula, and lavender.

Calendula essential oil

Calendula essential oil

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