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Choose Home and Wardrobe Fragrance

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There are different outfits in our wardrobe for each day, each occasion, and each season, so why not start creating a wardrobe fragrance as well? Like fashion, choosing fragrance is a really personal thing and we are different in our fragrant habits. Any of us can be incredibly loyal to one or two scents and find it hard to imagine how we might smell without our familiar notes on skin and clothing. We may not notice a particular scent that’s unpleasant until someone else does, because our senses can get used to the smell of our clothing and home.

Wardrobe Fragrance

Wardrobe Fragrance

We all know the nostalgic power of taking something from a wardrobe or a closet to find it familiar with the remainder of a fragrance. Silk, cashmere, velvet, merino… These things soak up, store scent and exude memories.

A fragrance wardrobe is a recent idea. There are different outfits in the wardrobe for different days so people have begun having different perfumes for the wardrobe.

The wardrobe can be organized into different sections.

Every Day Wear

There are perfumes or aftershaves that are most suitable to be worn during the day.

Evening Wear

There are stronger fragrances that make more of an impact and perfectly compliment more relaxed outfits.

Seasonal Wardrobe

Do you have a seasonal wardrobe? Like fashion, the perfume seasons divide into Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. For Spring/Summer – scents with Floral, Fruity, Aquatic or Citrus notes are popular. For Autumn/Winter – more oriental, Spicy or Woody work best.

A perfume shouldn’t dominate its surroundings but can add a finishing touch to a special outfit.

Wardrobe Air Fresheners

Wardrobe Air Freshener Flower Bag

Wardrobe Air Freshener Flower bag

When the wardrobe smells nice and fresh, it makes the entire clothing cleaner and fresher. Air fresheners are very popular because of this. They are also handy for getting rid of odors that are trapped in fabrics and carpet. Many people who smoke rely on air fresheners to remove odor from the wardrobe. There are several types of air fresheners, with manufactures constantly coming out with new concepts to entice the average consumer.

Wardrobe air fresheners may contain the original fragrance compositions, which gradually release the subtle smell around your wardrobe. It is a perfect solution for your home. Allow the sweet notes of mandarin, jasmine and vanilla into your wardrobe. Lavender is a gorgeous scent for a drawer.

Make Your Own Natural Fragrance

Natural Fragrance

Natural Fragrance

There is a great number of home and wardrobe fragrance products available today. There are scented candles, potpourris, scented sprays, oil diffusers, incense and plug-in room deodorizers. You may consider making your own air freshener, before choosing products that may contain potentially harmful toxins and chemicals. Making your own air freshener with essential oils is a money-saving way to add pleasant, fresh scents to your home and wardrobe while reducing your exposure to unwanted chemicals that may be contained in comercial products. You also can tailor scents to your preferences or needs. Do not be afraid to experiment using essential oils, even if you have never tried it before.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly-concentrated and fragrant liquids extracted from plants, flowers, herbs, spices, wood, and fibers. They can provide a range of therapeutic and health benefits. Just a few drops of essential oil can last a very long time.

Here are some common essential oils and their benefits:

  • Lavender: improves sleep quality and calms the nervous system
  • Basil: helps relieve headaches
  • Rosemary: stimulates the mind and improves memory
  • Clary sage: calms the nervous system
  • Clove oil: helps relieve nasal congestion and also has aphrodisiac qualities
  • Lemon: acts as a natural antidepressant and calms anxiety
  • Orange: refreshes and relaxes.

Ways to Use Essential Oils Around Home

  • Clothes freshener: Dab a pair of cotton balls with essential oils and place them in the corners of your wardrobe, drawers and closets. This is not only to keep clothing smell fresh, but it also helps ward off moth!
  • In rice: Fill a small decorative jar or dish with plain white rice and add in a few drops of any oil. Place the jar in whatever room you wish to fill with the fragrance. Peppermint or lemon can be used for the bathroom and lavender for the bedroom.
  • Pillows: Apply a few drops of lavender, or another calming essential oil, onto a paper tissue. Place the tissue inside the pillow case to help calm your senses as you sleep.
  • Spray air freshener: Take a clean plastic spray bottle and fill it half with clean water. Add 6-8 drops of a refreshing essential oil to the water and shake the mixture well. When you want to give refreshment to your room, shake the bottle and do a couple of quick sprays, but make sure not to spray near polished furniture, as oils can damage the polished surface. Store the spray bottle in a dark shady area.
  • Cigarette smoke spray: to remove cigarette smoke mix 3 drops of rosemary essential oil, 3 drops of tea tree oil and 5 drops of eucalyptus oil in the spray bottle.
  • Cooking smell spray: to remove cooking smell mix 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, 3 drops of lavender and 4 drops of clary sage oil in the spray bottle.

Essential Oils Can Be Used to Repel Moths and Other Insects

Commonly used essential oils for use in your wardrobe, closet, and drawer are: Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram, Cinnamon leaf and any tree-based essential oil like the Pine needle, Douglas fir, Siberian Fir needles or Cedar wood. Whatever you like is the one you should choose to use.


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