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Chimney Cleaning Tips

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Living in the big house leaves you with certain responsibilities, such as regular cleaning. But some of the activities are not really pleasant, yet also need to be done once in a while, and we are talking about chimney cleaning which is essential, assuming that you have a fire place! So, here we present certain skills and ideas to clean your chimney!

Chimney Cleaning 101

Once in a while, everything in your house needs to be attended, and pipes are no exception, even if this is a not a regular pipe – but a chimney! Let’s consider some of the basic information on cleaning the chimney, so to say the Chimney Cleaning 101! Historically this process was delegated to a certain person in charge, called the chimneysweep. There is even a saying, black as sweep – does that ring a bell?! Well, if you want to clean your chimney yourself you will need to have a certain equipment and clothes that doesn’t afraid to get smoky and black with ashes. From the equipment, you will need to have chimney rods and brushes, which can be purchased at the local hardware store. You will also need the goggles and some protections from the dust and ashes.
Another thing is to prepare the place and cover the objects surrounding your fire places with something covering them – not to get the ashes on them as well. You will need to place clean tarp in front of the fireplace and cover the fireplace opening with a plastic tarp held on with duct tape. Then open the fireplace’s damper, which protects your house from the cold air. To clean up the chimney, you will have to climb up the roof and using chimney rods, but before that remove the chimney cap (a spark arrester). Now, go back to the house, and then clean the flue, which is the pipe that runs between the fire place and the chimney. Finish the cleaning with the vacuum or small broom to remove the cold ashes from the fireplace. If you can’t clean the whole chimney, at least – you can get cleaned one third of it, and then hire a professional.

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