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Childproofing Home Tips

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Little children in the household might be a great joy, however, having them carries a lot of responsibilities as well. It is essential to make sure that your house is safe for little children, so that is why we have compiled a collection of tips on how to childproof your home.

Safe House for Kids

Child Proofing with Staircase Fence

Childproof Your Home

Some might consider childproofing to be of controlling nature, however, that is not true. Childproofing the house is a process of creating a secure environment for your kids to grow and explore the world.

Household Details

To get started you need to look carefully around your household and watch for the things that pose even the slightest danger to your kids. These might include electricity outlets, doorknobs, angles and other details. There are several childproofing items that you can purchase to deal with those, including the plastic covers for the mentioned above household details.


Now another step includes securing the furniture that is not stable or has sharp edges that might hurt kids. If furniture is unstable and might fall, you should fasten it to the wall using wall anchors. If furniture seems potentially dangerous it is best to remove it from the room or place it in the room to which kids don’t have access. Alternatively, you can place corner guards on the furniture corners.

Move Away Chemicals and Cords

Any chemicals, including cleaners, detergents and medicine should be locked away from the reach of children. Also it is important to take care of the wired cords that run throughout the house, as they might also cause electrical danger for kids.

Remove Breakable Items

Well, this one is a must, because at least a few precious vases might be broken and their sharp edges might hurt a child. Remove all of the pieces that can be knocked off, such as vases, potted plants, unstable furniture and such. To make sure that everything the child might reach is out of the room, inspect the room on the child’s eye level.

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