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Cats Safety: Dangerous Household Items

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Cats, these little balls of fur bring joy and happiness to our household. However, with these pleasures come the responsibilities, as there are many household items that are dangerous to cats. You might not be aware of that, however there are certain items in your household, which can be quite dangerous for your lovely pets, especially cats. The list can of course be expanded, however let’s keep it to the most essential products that affect the cats where you can actually be alerted and take precautions. Read on the list and make sure that your cat is safe!

Taking Precautions For Cat Safety

Dangerous for Cats Items

Cat in the Household

Human Food

This might sound quite surprising, but human food is actually dangerous to cats. Of course not all of it, but certain foods are definitely not for cats: chicken bones, because a cat can choke on them; onions, chocolate, coffee in all forms, alcohol, yeast dough, salt, nuts, tomatoes, potatoes, rhubarb leaves and stems, and grapes.


You have most certainly seen your cat’s interest in chewing plant leaves, however not all plants are good. Avoid keeping the following plants in reach of a cat: lilies, mistletoe, azalea, dieffenbachia, philodendron.

Dangerous for Cats Items

Cat in the Outdoors

Outdoor and Home Improvement Products

Some of the home improvement products also pose danger to cats. Such products might include cleaning substances, paint, acetone for the household as well as pesticides, fertilizers in the outdoors can be very dangerous to cats. Among  the most dangerous items for cats is antifreeze, which contains ethylene glycol. The safer version of the antifreeze is the one with propylene glycol.


Meds are also quite dangerous for cats, so be careful not to leave any medication where the cat can reach it. Even usual meds like aspirin, ibuprofen, diet pills and vitamins can be quite toxic to cats. Don’t forget about different ointments, creams. Having a pleasant smell ointments might attract cats but can also be quite dangerous. Be very cautious when leaving the above products in reach of cats, and your pets will be safe.

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