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Caring for Silverware Tips

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If you are the lucky owner of the family silverware set, you probably need to keep in a perfect condition, especially for the holidays, when the whole family gets together to share the splendid moments. Here are some easy tips for caring for your beloved silverware sets!

Ideas for Silverware Care

Silverware is such a rare type of kitchenware that is usually passed on for generations. If you want to keep your silver glasses, plates and forks in a perfect condition, you don’t only need to always wash them with a detergent, as the obvious answer suggest, but also take care of it in other ways. Here are some easy tips to make your silverware shiny and new!
One of the basic rules for cleaning your silverware and keeping it shiny is to never ever put it into the dishwasher. The dishwasher might ruin your silverware, or silver-platerd kitchenware. Instead use a mild washing detergent, preferably for silverware products that will keep up the shiny look of your beloved silverware and wash them by hand. Be gentle with the silverware, use non absasive sponge and dry it with soft towel.
If you didn’t use your silverware in a long time, and have noticed a little bit of tarnish appearing here and there, one thing to do is to sprinkle your silverware with salt and rub with a clean, soft cloth dipped in white vinegar. Another idea is to use special silver polish mixture, preferrably of high quality, because it is better to invest more not to loose your precious silverware!
Another idea is about preventing any damage to the silverware set by keeping it in a dark box, preferably with the black velvet-lined surface with a piece of blackboard chalk. The chalk will help with absorbing the humidity and will prevent slow tarnishing. If that is not possible, at least make sure to keep your silverware away from the stainless steel utensils, as they might interact in unpleasant ways! If you will folllow these easy tips, you can celebrate each holiday with a nice polished shiney silverware that looks just new!


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