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Basic Tool Kit

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Thinking of moving out to live on your own or buying a new house? Then you should know that along with all the furnishings and accessories there needs to be a basic tool kit that is essential for the house maintenance, so here is all you need to know about having your own tool kit for successful homekeeping.

Tips On Basic Took Kit

Basic Took Kit

Tools For Home Maintenance

Hammers & Levers

A hammer is needed in any household, you just can’t disagree with that, right? Well, among the many various types of hammers available in a market, if you are a new homeowner try going for a sixteen ounce claw hammer. As for levers, crow bars and mallet are quite handy for taking things apart or putting something into its place.


In general pliers are needed to increase the gripping pressure and leverage. As with any house maintenance tool, pliers come in many variations but especially handy in the small home repair works are water pump pliers and needle nose. Water pump pliers are good at working with square and hexagonal objects, while needle nose pliers can reach into nooks and cracks.


Well, wrenches are essential to have in any household because everything seems to be made from hexagonal nuts and balls. It is best to use fixed-size wrenches because they are less clumsy to work with. A set of matching sockets is also quite a needful house tool.


Screwdrivers are one of the most popular tools to use in minor repairing works. Choose the variety with interchangeable tip, because it is not only good for various repairing works, but also keeps down the clutter.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools include saws, utility knives and many other varieties, but most commonly used ones are the old-fashioned handsaws and hacksaw. The first one is perfect for cutting wood, the latter is used for cutting metal and plastic. The utility knife is good for cutting linoleum, carpet and construction materials.

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