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6 Tips to Get Rid of Unnecessary Things

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Even the most useful things become unnecessary sooner or later. But they can be stored with us for decades for reasons such as “maybe it can be useful some time”, “for a rainy day” or eternal “I will deal with it later”. How can we find the strength to throw all this stuff without unnecessary sentimentality?

How to Get Rid of Unnecessary Things: 6 Top Tips

Home rubbish

Home rubbish

Decide on the selection criteria

If you find it difficult to decide whether to throw this or that thing, ask yourself five simple questions:

–          when did I use it last time?

–          is it working, modern and beautiful?

–          do I have a similar thing?

–          what emotions does it cause?

–          Can I safely do without it?

Too hard? Ask yourself or your family when you plan to use this thing as intended. Count “one-two-three” and throw it in the trash, if there is no a specific answer.

Set yourself up for cleaning

Getting rid of the trash in one day is impossible. Once you firmly decide to bring your things in order, divide the house into separate zones and methodically bulldoze them throughout the week. Do not trick transferring items from one room to another. Prepare large trash bags or cardboard boxes in advance.

Find the true motivation

Things that you do not need can be essentials for someone else. You can sell them for half price through online auction, give to recycle, give to friends or pass through voluntary organizations for charity. In this case, you will not only free your apartment from the old stuff, but also make this world a better place. Good incentive, isn’t it?

Invite friends

Presence of guests ensures that you just get rid of the already defective waffle iron, which was given to you by a distant relative four years ago. Do not hesitate, do not stop and look at the things that you want but can not throw away. Otherwise you will make the process more difficult.

Fix the results

There is one complex, but very practical, effective exercise. You should do it three times a week in the same time for several months. Take an empty capacious box. Your task is moving quickly around the apartment, for 5 minutes to collect 10 unnecessary items. After a month or two you will be surprised to find that your house has become much more comfortable.

Enjoy your life now!

If your life has no space for something new and valuable, do not expect any change for the better. By leaving old things “for a rainy day” you admit that someday it will come up, setting yourself up for trouble in advance.

Take out new sheets from the closet, light a candle, do not store the dishes for a special occasion. This special occasion is today.


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