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4 Weekend Home Improvement Projects

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Do you have some spare time and no plans for the weekend? Keep it that way and dedicate this time for your lovely home by going for 4 home improvement projects. Not only will you have something to do during the weekend but your home will be a little bit renovated as well.

Home Improvement Project For Weekend

Home Improvement

Contemporary Living Room

1. Move Furniture

One might think that moving furniture is really hard, however this is one of the easiest home improvement projects that you can take up. Rearrange the furniture the way you feel would be more suitable for your new mood and interior, and the room will instantly feel revamped. As advised by Lauri Ward, leading specialist in home decorating from New York:

If you have an L-shaped seating area which doesn’t allow for face-to-face chats, move the seats to create a U-shaped grouping. This will allow for more intimate conversation and a more balanced looking grouping that makes you feel better whenever you’re in the room.

2. Change Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware

If you can’t come up with anything better for a weekend than home improvement projects, start with the changing kitchen and bathroom hardware. Change the old doorknobs and towel hangers for a contemporary and sleek appearance.

3. Update Blinds & Window Treatments

Home Improvement

Kitchen Blinds By Ryan McVay

No doubt your kitchen or bathroom has cute window treatments such as simple curtains or blinds that sure served you good for all these years. However, sometimes you just need a new window treatment, because the old ones are just…well too old. Make sure that the new window treatments fit well into the existing decor.

4. Renew Room Decor

Sometimes a simple lamp or a new artwork will add a very different perspective to the interior that you are already accustomed to. Look around your living room or a bedroom for items that already have to go. Sometimes removing old decorations also helps in updating the interior, but don’t forget to add new décor pieces as well.


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