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10 Unusual Uses of Microwave Oven

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The use of the microwave oven might be a very important part in our cooking and it can have the most important role in the kitchen, since it can be used in other unusual uses. We do not always think and know how and in which way it can be used. Here you will find some unusual, but at the same time useful advices on using the microwave for different things.

Microwave Use

Microwave Use

Unusual Microwave Usage

  • To refresh the scent of ground spices and seasonings, heat them at full power for thirty seconds.
  • If you wrap up stale bread in a paper towel and warm it up to full power for one minute, the bread will once again be as fresh.
  • Almonds are easy to clean, if you put them in boiling water and warm up for thirty seconds at full power.
  • Walnuts are easy to peel, warming them in water for four – five minutes at full power.
  • Orange or grapefruit are easy to clean from the white flesh, if they warmed up for thirty seconds at full power.
  • It is easy and quick to dry the peel of oranges and grapefruit in the microwave. Put it on a paper towel and warm up to full power for two minutes. During the warm-up peel should be mixed. After cooling, it becomes dry and brittle.
  • Store the dried peel in a tightly sealed container.
  • Microwave help squeeze the juice from a lemon or orange to almost drops even very thick peel of citrus fruits. Heat the fruit for a few minutes in the microwave, let cool and you can easily squeeze out the juice from them.
  • Greens, vegetables, and nuts and crackers can be dried for winter in a microwave oven.
  • You can melt the sugared honey for 1-2 minutes.
  • You can beat the smell of worn-in cutting boards. They have to be washed, rubbed with lemon and put in the microwave.

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